Worms Reloaded trailer

worms reloaded thumb

Worms. Whenever Team 17 step up to the stage with their newest material, "Worms!" is what we chant at them. This time, their newest material is Worms. Worms Reloaded will have the classics, of course - the Ninja Rope, the Sheep, the Holy Hand Grenade - but this new trailer shows that it'll also have magnets and resurrection. Those are our two most favourite things at PC Gamer. Trailer is below:

If you've never played Worms, it's a side-on military brawler with destructible terrain. You and your opponents take turns commanding wriggling cartoon worms as they fire missiles, throw grenades, call in airstrikes, or dip into a multitude of hilarious weaponry to wreak slapstick justice against the enemy worms. It'll be out on Steam on the 26th of August.