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WildStar trailer demonstrates depth of customisation ahead of next week's launch

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Ahead of WildStar's official launch on June 3, Carbine Studios has released a three minute video showing off how colourful and customisable the long-awaited space MMO is. If you're the type who doesn't feel comfortable in an MMO without blinged out player housing that screams you , then WildStar has you covered, friend. The video claims it can accommodate anything “your twisted little brain” can imagine, which is just swell. You can even have ferris wheels in your backyard.

Player housing is fine, but Carbine claims you'll also be able to customise your character, environments, combat style and vehicles to a dizzyingly granular degree. Of course (and unfortunately for some) there's more to an MMO than simply making things look nice, so the trailer below details how combat will work, both with and against other human players.

WildStar has been in development for a very long time but it's finally going live next week. Earlier this year we spoke to Carbine Studios' Stephan Frost about how the team intends to " fix the MMO endgame " and we even got a little hands-on time ourselves .

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