What did you play last week?

Steven Messner's been playing Mordhau, a game that has evolved its own code of chivalry just like Jedi Knight 2 did back in the day. Steven says to hell with those rules, however, because he is in it to win it. His Bastard's guide to winning at Mordhau was written with spear in cheek, but you can still learn a lot about Mordhau's culture by reading it.

Chris Livingston makes semi-regular forays into VR games for us, and when he does he's often bothered by how jittery his virtual hands are. Now it's been pointed out to me I can't unsee it. I routinely drop my phone on my face when I'm looking at it in bed, but I'd still like to have steady hands when I'm shooting zombies in VR. 

Over in first-person shooter land Morgan Park tested out the new version of Blood, and has pronounced it pretty good. Blood is one of the '90s shooters I never played much of (except for maybe a shareware level?) because I was endlessly exploring the cinema in Duke Nukem 3D instead. Maybe it's time to fix that.

James Davenport went back and finished The Evil Within 2 and has been making it sound like an unheralded cult classic. One late-game boss fight in particular. Yes, spoilers. He calls its campy tone "consistently buckwild" and makes me want to play it more than ever.

I've been playing something that I can't tell you about until an embargo lifts, but in the meantime what have you been playing? Have you been back to Titan Quest to check out the Atlantis DLC, or have you been practising the blade (or the lute) in Mordhau? Let us know!

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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