Wetware trailer uploads real time hacking strategy into your eyes

Wetware thumb

Wait, am I allowed to write about something called "Wetware" on a family-friendly website? Oh, right, it's a hacking game. That makes more sense. In fact, it's that particular strand of completely unrealistic neon-blue hacking game; the type that transports you into the tension-filled world inhabited by certain ridiculously cheesy films. Hack the planet!

I absolutely adored Introversion's Uplink for bringing the moody cyberpunk vibe of hacking's cinematic depiction into reality. I get that same feeling from this preview trailer for Reality Council's Wetware , which seems to focus on a more strategic, almost boardgame-like layer.

Reality Council's Pete Murdoch describes the game as a "real-time-ish strategy" in which you play as one of the world's megacorporations, hacking, bribing and corrupting your way to victory over your rivals. It all sounds agreeably devoid of morals.

Wetware is due out later this year for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Phil Savage

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