Watch the PC Gamer Destiny 2 clan in action

PC Gamer's Destiny 2 clan has been running since just after Shadowkeep launched, with around 300 members in the Discord teaming up on the daily to slay in the Crucible, grind Nightfall: The Ordeal for exotic gear, or just kick that purple ball around the tower together. It's a welcoming community open to veteran players and New Light newbies where anyone can find something to do and someone to do it with. 

Case in point: here's some of the crew, including Destiny Community Podcast host and Twitch streamer TeftyTeft who we enlisted as our videographer, playing a bunch of activities together, including the stunning looking new Garden of Salvation raid.


(Image credit: Bungie)

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The raid is no pushover of course, with some complex mechanics to overcome (think trying to build in Minecraft whilst under artillery fire). But, as you'll see, the PC Gamer Destiny 2 crew keeps it light—especially when Tim falls to his death. 

Not for the first or last time

If you, too, would like to make fun of Tim (and play some Destiny 2 with good people) consider joining up using the links below.

Clan sign-up on

Make sure you're logged in to Steam and then follow the link above to take you to our second clan. Our first and second clans are now oversubscribed, but you can still join the third clan here.

PC Gamer Destiny 2 Clan Discord 

Join here and start chatting with fellow Guardians. Clan members will be expected to abide by the usual PC Gamer community guidelines

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