Viking RPG Rune 2's deathmatch beta runs this weekend

It turns out, being a Viking comes down to a few simple steps, if this new Rune 2 video from Human Head Studios is to be believed. All you need to do is drink some mead, eat some lizards, and survive Ragnarok. Easy-peasy.

You'll also want a weapon, and possibly some friends with whom to slice up enemy hordes (and also to potentially share all that mead).

The video provides a taste of what's to come with Rune 2, the sort-of sequel to the original Rune, which debuted way back in 2000. This new incarnation of the Viking RPG has gone through a couple name changes, but the core idea has remained the same: You're the chosen one of Midgard and it's your job to put an end to Loki's plans to unleash chaos on the world. 

Rune 2 is going to be an Epic Games Store exclusive, and players who pre-order the game can jump into the deathmatch beta today and tomorrow. Today, that will run from 2-8 pm EST, and tomorrow you can play from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. EST. More details are available at the official site.