Valve now lets you map your own custom controller bindings in SteamVR

There are many different controller options that work in VR, and that can be both daunting for developers who want to support them all, and frustrating for gamers who feel the default control schemes are counter-intuitive. To deal with both issues, Valve is rolling out a new SteamVR Input system that allows for custom controller bindings.

"This new input system also allows developers to adapt their games more easily to diverse controllers. Developers control the default bindings for each controller type, and can offer alternate control schemes directly without the need to change the games themselves," Valve explains.

Beyond the benefit for developers, the new input system allows users to bind their own custom configurations for different games, which has several upsides. For one, it means a user can adapt a particular controller for a specific game, even if the controller didn't exist when the game came out. It also opens the door to custom control schemes for left-handed players or players with a disability who might struggle with the default setup.

What's also neat here is that support is baked directly into SteamVR, so mapping custom controls is not dependent on developers updating their apps. In addition, you don't have to leave VR to mess with the controls—there's an easy-to-use UI in the headset under the Settings menu.

Circling back to the developer side, Valve hopes its new input system will ultimately encourage them to try out different kinds of input and experiment with various layouts. Whether a developer or user, the custom control schemes can then be shared in the Steam Workshop.

The new feature is currently in beta, so you'll need to opt-in to the beta release to use it.

Paul Lilly

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