Valve Pipeline: an initiative designed to help students get into game development

A desk at Valve HQ would be a dream come true for many. A team of Valve's student interns are working on making that dream more accessible to students with Pipeline - a website devoted to answering the questions that young potential employees might have about game development.

"Valve has been a very good place for very experienced videogame developers, and not so good at teaching people straight out of school" say Valve in the Pipeline FAQ, "Pipeline is an experiment to see if we can take a group of high school students with minimal work experience and train them in the skills and methods necessary to be successful at a company like Valve.

You can see those high school students in action in the Pipline video they produced, which offers an overview of the scheme and an important look at the current stage of Gabe Newell's beard.

Launching soon, the site aims to be a resource that provides students with video series, interviews, and behind-the-scenes looks on various aspects of working in the industry. Whether your interest lies in software engineering or sound design. Valve Pipeline should be ready to go "within the next month or so." In the meantime, motor on over to the website to sign up for the mailing list.