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XCOM 2 War of the Chosen is getting a challenge mode with global leaderboards

XCOM 2's expansion pack, War of the Chosen, is almost here. We've covered at length the new enemies, factions, zombies, and propaganda, but it looks like even more new features are on the way. Today, Firaxis revealed that War of the Chosen will have a challenge mode—a new feature where players can complete unique challenges, earning points and placements on global leaderboards.

In challenge mode missions, you'll control a pre-determined squad of what looks like either XCOM or Advent forces. Completing mission objectives, killing enemies, saving civilians, and other tasks will score you points, all of which must be done in a limited time frame. Upon completion, you can compare scores against friends and strangers on the leaderboards.

And don't worry if the aliens get the best of you—new challenge mode missions will be available on a regular basis. 

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen launches on August 29.