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Two major Division exploits have been fixed, more permabans handed out

The Division Dark Zone chest

Ubisoft says it has fixed two of the most egregious exploits in The Division: The “Double Revive” glitch that enabled downed players to effectively rescue themselves, and a more damaging bug that came to light yesterday, that allowed talents to be stacked multiple times, heightening weapon damage to absurd levels.

The second exploit was particularly problematic because, as Ubisoft noted in today's server maintenance changelog, it not only broke the game's balance, it was also responsible for the recent server instability that came about “due to the increased traffic generated by this bug.”

Ubisoft hasn't said yet how players who took advantage of the exploit will be punished, and as far as I know the bug that initially spawned that threat of retribution for bad behavior is still active. But Community Manager Natchai Stappers said in a separate post on The Division forums today that “bans are being handed out, at increasing rates, and permabans are part of those.”

As noted by Polygon, Ubisoft will be giving out free Phoenix Credits this weekend as compensation for the technical issues players have been forced to put up with.

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