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Tunic is a charming isometric adventure starring an adorable fox

We're pretty sure indie charmers Ooblets and Tunic are going to have to duel to the death for the title of most adorable game at this year's PC Gaming Show. Tunic, which previously went by the name Secret Legend, stars a cute fox taking part in some surprisingly fast-paced sword-swinging and dodge rolling as it explores a gorgeous isometric world. You can see a hint of that world, as well as some combat and a pretty intimidating boss fight, in the trailer above, which debuted at the PC Gaming Show.

There's definitely a healthy dose of Zelda in Tunic, and it looks a bit like a 3D analogue to last year's Hyper Light Drifter. That game took inspiration from Zelda and gave it vibrant modern pixel art and fast, brutal combat. Tunic feels a bit like what the original Zelda would look like with 3D graphics, instead, with moody soft lighting and simple geometry that still manage to convey a ton of personality.

Plus there are pots you can destroy. So, definitely Zelda. As developer Andrew Shouldice described it to us previously, "you wander the countryside, you fight monsters, you find secrets." Secret #1: how did they make the fox so damn cute? Hopefully we'll be able to find out at the Tunic website in the near future.

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