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Prey Twitter hints at an expansion set on the moon (Updated)

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Well, this is a surprise. Arkane Studios' immersive sim Prey landed last May and gave us a richly detailed space station to explore. That was the last we heard of it until this Friday, when the Prey Twitter account dropped the surprise tweet above. It's either asking a philosophical question about space travel, or we're headed for the moon.

As sharp-minded Prey players may recall, there's actually a reference in the game to a Pytheas facility that "sits deep in a crater on the Lunar pole, permanently shadowed and surrounded by kilometers of ice." Sounds like the perfect place to set a creepy expansion. And Arkane has precedent here: Dishonored 2's standalone expansion Death of the Outsider came out nearly a year after the game's launch. It looks like Prey may be following suit.

Update: Another tease has appeared on Twitter, this one a still image of a facility that bears a strong resemblance to the Talos I station, but that appears to be set on the surface of the moon. That could suggest an entirely new location for an expansion, rather than the very grim-sounding Pytheas facility.

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