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Battleborn trailer shows the Gearbox shooter's heroes


Rumour* has it that Google has created a chunk of internet roughly the size of Manchester to house all of the E3 trailers that are expected over the next few weeks. And then another chunk of internet, about the size of Belgium, to house all of the videos from people who rip those original videos and then re-upload them to their own channels.

Here's one, now. It's for Battleborn, Gearbox's first-person shooter-y, RPG-y, MOBA-y thing. And yes, it's another FPS featuring a roster of colourful cartoon weirdos.

Gearbox has also announced that Battleborn will feature a story mode, playable both solo and in five-player co-op. The story will be modular, allowing players to replay each mission for the chance of better loot.

There will, of course, be multiplayer too, with Gearbox revealing three modes: Incursion, Devastation and Meltdown. That's a wave-based horde mode, an objective-based team deathmatch and a minion defence mode respectively.

*Full disclosure: I made this bit up.

Phil Savage
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