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240GB solid state drive from Apacer drops to $75

Yesterday we brought to attention that our budget pick among the best SSDs for gaming, Crucial's MX300 525GB SSD, could be had for $135. It still can be, but if you don't need that amount of storage and want to spend less than a C-note, Newegg is selling Apacer's Panther 240GB SSD at a discount today.

Apacer's 240GB SSD is on sale for $75, down from its normal selling price of $90. That seems to be the cheapest price around for this particular drive.

Like most affordably priced SSDs, this one uses triple-level cell (TLC) NAND flash memory. It is rated to deliver up to 500MB/s of sequential read and up to 410MB/s of sequential write performance. Faster solutions are out there, though unless you're benchmarking or doing a lot of file transfers, you're not likely to notice much difference in real-world performance.

You can grab the Apacer Panther 240GB SSD on sale here. It's backed by a three-year warranty.

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