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Transistor release date announced, is sooner than you think

...Unless you think Supergiant's Transistor is being released tomorrow, in which case its release date is somewhat later than you think. That's what you get for having such unrealistic expectations. Much bigger is the group that assumed there were many more months separating us from the Bastion creators' talking-sword-based tactical adventure. Not so, as Supergiant have announced that Transistor will be with us on May 20th.

Transistor is a sci-fi RPG adventure with a combat system that mixes real-time and turn-based elements. You play as Red, a singer who comes across an extremely sharp talking USB stick, which she uses to smack robots about. There may be some subtleties I've missed.

On their new release date FAQ , Supergiant also reveal the price: £15 / $20.

Finally, they released some tantalising new screenshots. See those below.

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