This mecha passion project refreshes the genre with technical innovations and a whole lotta' sparks

A mech awakens.
(Image credit: Amazing Seasun Games)

Mech fans rejoice, there will soon be another mecha game joining the ranks. This multiplayer online, gundam-style PvP brawler, with a PvEvP mode incoming, is Mecha BREAK. A fresh look at the genre, previously known as Code B.R.E.A.K, Mecha BREAK is the brainchild of the developers over at Amazing Seasun Games, who've put a great deal of love and care into its design. Mech lovers one and all, they've managed to conceive something that's frankly looking like the acme of the Mecha genre. But how did it all come to be?

Headed by Kris Kwok—whose childhood was spent surrounded by mech model kits, anime and video games—Amazing Seasun Games has spent the past eight years bringing this heartfelt shot at the mecha genre to life. While a lot of that time involved deep exploration and research into the genre itself, there were of course technical hurdles the team had to face. And face them they did.

Throughout development, the Amazing Seasun Games team had several notable technical breakthroughs that allowed them to reach the level of visual fidelity they're touting in the latest Mecha BREAK trailer. Their Virtual Geometry technique, for example, is a graphical solution the game's engine team came up with that made it possible to only render the models that are visible. With it, the software auto-generates low poly models depending on how far they are from view. It's sort of like LOD mapping, but uniquely tailored for the Amazing Seasun Games studio's engine.

Aside from that, the game is built around a "Blitz, Brawl, Blaze" mecha experience. That's the phrase the studio uses to highlight their mechs' speed, the "collision of their steel bodies", and the white-hot intensity they exude in battle. And they're not wrong. Checking out the trailer, it's plain to see that the movement is clean and swift, the gameplay is hectic as you like, and the incredibly detailed models really send the sparks flying when these titans clash.

Coming up with these intricate mech designs that bow to the "golden age of science fiction", the studio collaborated with "legendary Japanese artists who have been involved in mech design since the 1990s". And considering how detailed the game's models are, it's difficult to imagine that the 3D designers were at first lacking in industrial and hard surface design experience.

It's not just the models that have an innovative air about them. The world itself comes with some interesting worldbuilding ideas, such as the fuel known as Eruptive Inorganic Carbide (EIC). It's this highly sought-after "combination of energy and intelligence" that the mechs run on, and many a battle has yet to be fought over it.

(Image credit: Amazing Seasun Games)

Right now Mecha BREAK is multiplayer PvP, but there will soon be a PvEvP mode making its way into the game called Mashmak and it'll contain one of the most massive battlefields in the history of gaming. This is one classy looking, technically innovative addition to the genre, with heaps of passion backing it up. Stay tuned for updates, and wishlist Mecha BREAK now on Steam to show your support for fellow mech-heads out there making their dreams a reality. 

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