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The Witcher 3 patch 1.12 out now

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Hearts of Stone

Just as I was asserting (opens in new tab) that the thoroughness of CD Projekt Red's patching does away with the need for an Enhanced Edition, the Witcher 3 devs have gone and dropped another one on us: patch 1.12 is out now.

It mainly squashes bugs introduced with the Hearts of Stone (opens in new tab) expansion, but unlike another game I could name (opens in new tab), the Witcher 3 as a whole is still enjoying fixes and interface improvements. I've selected some important changes along with personal favourites for your perusal, but the full changelog is right here (opens in new tab).

  • Introduces a number of improvements to general game performance.
  • Introduces a series of minor difficulty balance tweaks at all difficulty levels in Hearts of Stone expansion.
  • Fixes issue whereby quickslots could disappear if game difficulty level was changed during combat.
  • Fixes rare issue whereby some mini-bosses could become immortal under certain circumstances.
  • Fixes misleading message displayed when players attempted to cast Signs in combat, while enveloped by a cloud resulting from the detonation of a Dimeritium Bomb.
  • Introduces UI enhancement whereby herb name is now displayed above available interaction.
  • Introduces enhancement whereby ingredients required for a pinned formula and in possession of a merchant are now highlighted in said merchant's Shop screen.
  • Introduces enhancement on PC systems whereby weapon and armor repair kits can now be applied via drag and drop.
  • Improves transitions between distinct scenes and gameplay sequences.
  • Fixes issue whereby some human foes could have empty Vitality bars and thus could not be killed.