The Sun and the Moon: defy gravity in this free momentum based puzzle platformer

More cool games have shaken loose from the Ludum Dare tree. The Sun and the Moon is a free (obviously) puzzle platformer in which the puzzles are in the platforms. You play a small, er, dot thing, that can dive beneath the surface of the floating world's platforms. Do so, and your momentum reverses, causing you to 'fall' upwards.

It's a cool twist on the mechanic, and good fun when you're oscillating wildly between regular and reversed gravity states. It's surprisingly tricky to get the hang of. As I dived into platforms, all too often I'd misjudge the momentum needed and fall to my death.

To complete a level, you need to collect all the, er, smaller dot things that are scattered around, before escaping into a black hole. It's the placement of the pick-ups that make The Sun and the Moon so good: grabbing each one requires you to carefully plot the path of your jump.

You can download The Sun and the Moon from its Ludum Dare competition page .

Phil Savage

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