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The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe will add new choices and endings

The Stanley Parable isn't done with quite yet. As part of a console release announced at this year's Game Awards, the universally acclaimed comedy game about games will see new choices and new endings sometime in 2019, packaged in The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe. And yes, it's coming to PC too. 

It's unclear whether the PC version will just be an update, a separate release, free or not, but we're fairly certain it'll be funny. Meta games don't carry the same punch they once did, but with the William Pugh, one of the original creators, and his new-ish studio Crows Crows Crows behind the updates, expect some bizarre, unexpected gags and goofs. 

Head to the official website to sign up for the mailing list and to check out the silly FAQ, as vague as it is. 

James Davenport
James is PC Gamer’s bad boy, staying up late to cover Fortnite while cooking up radical ideas for the weekly livestream. He can still kickflip and swears a lot. You’ll find him somewhere in the west growing mushrooms and playing Dark Souls.