The Mirror's Edge Catalyst launch trailer is here

Mirror's Edge Catalyst won't be out for another two weeks, which in my mind makes it a bit early for a launch trailer. Yet here we are, face-to-face with a swanky new video dropping more cryptic hints about recently-released juvie Faith Connors, and the things that drive her to be a runner. 

There's not much here that we don't already know: Faith gets out of the slammer, reconnects with her runner pals, gets tangled up with some revolutionary jerks, and discovers Important Things about her childhood. I'm guessing about that last part, admittedly, but it sure seems to be where things are headed. 

I do worry that the game will end up taking itself a little too seriously for its own good, and there sure does seem to be a lot of fighting going on, although that's hopefully just to ensure that it's an appropriately action-packed trailer. But the city of Glass looks awfully good, no? The new theme song is really great, too.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst arrives on June 7, unless you're an Origin Access subscriber, in which case you can get your hands on a six-hour trial version, free, beginning June 2.

Andy Chalk

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