The Free Webgame Round-Up

Snakes. Why'd it have to be snakes? Because snakes are brilliant, obviously, and because they go great with bacon jam. Sorry, they go great with the Bacon Jam, which continues to throw up tasty indie games created in just 48 hours. Elsewhere this week, we're dodging things. Sound, triangles, chasms, our own tails - the lot. If you're suitably intrigued, I'll be waiting with a pot of bacon jam after the break.

Soundodger by studiobean

Play it online here.

The beautifully slick Soundodger is a rhythm avoid-'em-up, sorta, but every time I look at or play it I'm reminded of two things: synchronised swimming and Asteroids. The latter is probably due to all the triangles – this game is an equilateralist's dream – while the former is a result of how gracefully those triangles move through each carefully choreographed stage. There are several tracks on offer here, from the likes of Fez maestro Disasterpeace, and all you have to do is dodge wave after wave of triangley invaders. This is harder said than done, at least until you realise that you can slooooow time by holding down the mouse button. I didn't even notice/care about my score while I was playing; I just wanted to stay involved with the music.

Nightfall by Christopher Night

Play it online here.

An entrant in the delectable Bacon Jam (mmm, bacon jam), Nightfall takes this year's 'lights out' theme and twists it into an inspired puzzle game. And by inspired, I mean it's literally based on the Isaac Asimov short story of the same name. I haven't read it (it's quite long, and there don't appear to be any pictures), but I assume it has a similar premise to the Simpsons episode where Mr Burns tries to block out the sun. Your task is...less evil. You're trying to plunge space towers into darkness, by rotating suns and moons on their axis. A strong idea, well executed – I'm looking forward to seeing what the aptly named Christopher Night comes up with next.

Bulbi by Trash Doctor

Play it online here.

A super-short platform game with excellent presentation. Bulbi is another Bacon Jam entry, telling the story of a blob-thing who's afraid of the dark. If the actual platforming is a little unfair (you have to leap over gaps, in near-total darkness), it's easy to forgive a game with such exquisitely pouty narration.

Hatesnake3d by Rat King

Play it online here.

You're a big blocky snake flying through a kaleidoscopic 3D space – sorry to break it to you, that's just the path your life has taken. And perhaps it's for the best, because the newly free Hatesnake3d (created as part of Indie Buskers ) is a brilliantly odd shoot-'em-up type thing that all people who like a challenge, great music and repeatedly crashing into things should try. In addition to avoiding walls and blocks, you soon have to avoid your own tail, which regularly solidifies and breaks off into yet another psychadelic obstacle. (Via Indie Statik )

Ending by Aaron Steed

Play it online here.

Aaron Steed created Red Rogue , one of my favourite roguelikes, and he's back in similar territory for the sublime Ending. The name suggests (to me at least) that you're in for some Deep narrative adventure full of Emotions, but in fact it's quite the opposite: an abstract, turn-based puzzle game of devious complexity, with some of the most satisfying sound effects I think I've ever heard. It's a game that just keeps growing and surprising as you progress, introducing enemies/creatures with clever and unusual properties, at the point when most games would have already shown you everything. Highly recommended.

Tom Sykes

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