The Elder Scrolls: Total War mod releases its big 2.0 update

(Image credit: The Elder Scrolls Total War)

After months of teasing (and work), the modders behind The Elder Scrolls: Total War for Medieval II: Kingdoms have released their 2.0 update. It now includes the fourth era of the Elder Scrolls world, the setting for the civil war in Skyrim that defines The Elder Scrolls V. The update also adds the Stormcloaks and the dark elf Great House Sadras as playable factions. This is the “last big update” for the mod, which has been in development since 2015, and therefore uses the objectively superior old Total War naming scheme. It also has a launch trailer: 

We first reported on the 2.0 update earlier this year and, impressively, the modders got it out the door before the year closed. The changes reported there are now in: The Clockwork City, the Tsaesci serpent-men, and the Reachmen are now recruitable mercenary armies. The update isn’t just about the new factions or the fourth era, and includes a bunch of new models and units for old factions. Characters like Mehrunes Dagon and Mannimarco have new, unique models. The Dawnguard have armored trolls. And, perhaps best of all, there is now an all-Khajiit mage unit. It even adds a “Pocket Guide to the Empire” for those less versed in Elder Scrolls lore.

You can check out The Elder Scrolls: Total War on ModDB and read the complete 2.0 changelog here.

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