Surgeon Simulator 2013 goes to space for the latest update

Let's check the chart, to see Surgeon Simulator 2013's latest course of treatment... Hmm, some bug fixes here, some achievements there, and - in a highly experimental procedure - it's being sent into space. I don't think that's covered by the NHS. All three regular operations - that's brain, heart and kidneys, organ fans - are now available for your flailing limbed surgeon to butcher in the zero-gravity scenario.

Here's the full changelog:

  • All operations (Heart / Kidney / Brain) now available in Space!

  • VR (Oculus Rift & Razer Hydra) are now a separate build available in the BETAS tab of the games properties. (This is to make the game more stable for people who do not own a Rift or Hydra)

  • 18 New Achievements(!)

  • Upgraded Nigel's phone.

  • Tons of bug fixes.

Meanwhile, the game continues to do weird ARG things, which the community are tracking through the Steam forum. Whatever these cryptic puzzles are leading to, at least we know it's definitely not Half-Life 3 related.

To finish, here's a gross picture of a brain being cracked open in space. Because video games.

Phil Savage

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