Steep is free to keep on Uplay

Steep, Ubisoft's open-world winter sports romp, is free to keep if you snatch it up before May 21. All you need is a Uplay account and you can get your free copy here. You can grab it now. 

I took it for a spin after it popped up on PS Plus and it's fine. It looks lovely, you can just muck around skiing, snowboarding or taking your life into your hands by flying around in a wingsuit, but I didn't really click with it. Pulling off stunts just seemed like a bit too much work. The controls felt a little off, which Andy also noted in his Steep review

It's absolutely worth picking up for the low price of free, however, and there's genuine fun to be had finding your own tricky routes and turning them into proper races that you can then share with other players. And you can dress your character in all the hideous winter gear you want.  

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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