StarCraft II's lead gameplay designer moves on to new project within Blizzard

Pictured: not David Kim

StarCraft II lead gameplay designer David Kim has announced his departure from the real-time strategy game's development team. On Blizzard's forums, Kim wrote that he was moving on to a new project, but he didn't divulge any details about what he'll be working on.

"I've reached a point in my career where I've decided to branch out to a different project, to explore, learn, and grow as a game designer," he wrote. "This other project will be right here at Blizzard, so I hope working on this next game will be as awesome as my experience working on SC2 and with the community."

Kim went on to thank "everyone that loves StarCraft."

"I've spent much of my life dedicated to StarCraft like many of you have, and I feel especially connected to our SC2 community as we've grown together while making StarCraft II the best and most skill-based esport in the world," he said. "It has been such an incredible honor working with you and I will miss seeing how the pure passion flows out of so many people in constructive ways, and having design discussions as a game developer with such a dedicated, intelligent community of gamers was so extraordinary. I will always be grateful for this amazing experience that most game designers around the world just don't get to experience at such a deep level."

StarCraft Remastered is in the works, but it seems unlikely that he's moved on to work on that, considering it's already been announced. It's worth noting that former StarCraft II and Heroes of the Storm designer Dustin Browder has also moved on to a mysterious new project—and based on this tweet, it's likely that isn't StarCraft Remastered, either. Whatever this new Blizzard project is, it's exciting to hear some big names moving over to work on it. And of course, we'll keep you updated as more information is revealed.