Tomb Raider sequel "well into development," says Square Enix CEO

Good news for those of you who are fans of Lara Croft—there's a Tomb Raider sequel and it's "well into development."

Phil Rogers, Square Enix CEO of Europe and the Americas, left a note on the company's blog wanting to set things straight with anyone who had their doubts after the rough patch they hit earlier this year . In the note, he confirms the Tomb Raider sequel and alludes to adding more choices and platforms for gamers in the future.

Along with saying that Square Enix is, "not abandoning core, triple-A console and PC games," he gave a small explanation on how the company has streamlined some of its studio development process.

"We've recently re-orientated our studio leadership to focus production expertise at the top, to allow us to ship the best quality games possible, faster and with better cost control," Rogers wrote. "We've taken away administrative duties from studio heads, so they get closer to the games, gameplay and gamers with fewer distractions."

He says that the company will share a "fuller title release plan" soon on upcoming games for PC, consoles, and tablets/mobile.