Every Spider-Man circuit puzzle solution

Spiderman circuit puzzles in Octavius Labs
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The Spider-Man circuit puzzles might seem easy at first, but placing wires and matching the right voltage gets harder as the game goes on. Just like the spectrographs, there are some you have to complete as part of the remaster's main story, but there are also a whole bunch to ponder over in Octavius Labs. 

The core concept is pretty simple: place down wires to direct the flow of power while inserting positive and negative sections to make sure that the voltage is correct by the time it reaches the end. They are one of the earliest ways to grab Research Tokens in the game, which are vital for getting yourself new suits, and crafting certain mods to empower you while fending off baddies. They'll also reward you with a hefty dose of XP. 

In this guide, I'll walk you through how to solve every Spider-Man circuit puzzle, including those in the main story (plus a side-quest one) and the ten in Octavius Labs that unlock as you progress through the game. I've labelled each below for the quest or task they correspond to, but don't forget you can cycle through each of the galleries to see every puzzle.

My OTHER Other Job circuit puzzle Solutions

There are three circuit puzzles in the My OTHER Other Job quest.

A Fresh Start circuit puzzle solutions

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There is one circuit puzzle in the A Fresh Start quest.

Strong Connections circuit puzzle solution

There are three circuit puzzles in the Strong Connections quest.

Tombstone: On the Move circuit puzzle solution

(Image credit: Insomniac Games)

There is one circuit puzzle in the Tombstone: On the Move sidequest.

Breakthrough circuit puzzle solution

There are three circuit puzzles in the Breakthrough quest.

Octavius Labs circuit puzzle solutions

There are ten circuit puzzles to solve in Octavius Labs and they'll gradually unlock throughout the main story each time you have to return. They reward XP and Research Tokens at specific milestones, as well as bonus tokens if you complete all ten.

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