Skyrim mod lets you summon undead dragons and dual wield greatswords

Skyrim Sabercat

If there are three words you'd want above any other in your Skyrim spell book, "Conjure Undead Dragon" would be the those words, closely followed by "Conjure Spectral Bear." The Tytanis mod adds both of these abilities, along with a fat tome of additional updates, including new magical greatswords that can be dual wielded with a beefed up Warmaster perk.

Tytanis is an ambitious mod that hopes to eventually bring multiplayer support to Skyrim. The team is already working on the code and are busy designing dungeons made for two or more players.

It's worth playing right now, though. They've already added new items, crafting recipes and spells. New mounts and horse armour are in the works and the one of the modders behind the excellent Midas Magic is on board to add some even more powerful spells.

You can read the full list of additions and download the current version of Tytanis from the Skyrim Nexus page . Tytanis is just one of the projects included in our round-up of 25 best Skyrim mods , but it's being updated all the time. Keep an eye on the Tytanis site for more info.

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