Skate reboot is confirmed for PC

skate 3
(Image credit: EA)

Electronic Arts has confirmed that the Skate reboot announced in 2020 will be coming to PC. The good news arrived in the form of a short video clip of a skater doing sweet tricks over an old CRT, which—in case that wasn't clear enough—is entitled "PC_confirmation.exe."

And in case that wasn't sufficient, an EA rep sent an email shortly after the video was posted saying that yes, this definitely and without ambiguity means that a PC release is confirmed.

There's still no indication when the new Skate will arrive at this point. In July, EA dropped a short video reassuring everyone that it's still happening, and will be cool, with open-world gameplay, (probably) multiplayer support, and (possibly) some kind of futuristic setting, although EA said in a followup that the game "is still in the early stages of development and as such, it’s too soon to confirm any specific features."

Given all that, our expectation at this point is that the new Skate will be out sometime in 2022. For now, you can find out more at

Andy Chalk

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