Ronin demo lets you slice through three levels


It used to be ronin were the masterless samurai of Japan's feudal period. Now they're riding motorcycles, sneaking through office blocks, hacking terminals and hanging in mid-air to perform turn-based combat. At least, they are according to Ronin.

The 2D stealth action game is out next month, but has a demo available to try right now. It gives you three levels of jumpin', swordin' 'n' grapplin'.

Outside of combat, Ronin plays a little bit like Gunpoint (albeit with a grappling hook). Combat is where it truly stands out. You move, and then hang in the air as each guard's laser sight points in your direction. From there, you have to dodge—weaving up and around as you systematically take out your foes. It's very stop and start in-game, but still offers the feeling of fluidity.

To download the demo, head over to the game's Steam page and click "Download Demo". Ronin is due out next month.

Phil Savage

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