Resident Evil 2 Remake's free '98 costumes are now available

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Resident Evil 2 Remake (opens in new tab) has added free '98 versions of Leon and Claire's costumes, having first been teased back in January. They arrived yesterday, along with the free Ghost Survivors DLC. Unlike that content, though, which is added to the game in a patch, these skins have to be manually added to your Steam library before you can use them. To save you about ten seconds, here's Claire's (opens in new tab) and here's Leon's (opens in new tab)

While you can see Mr Kennedy's retro duds up top, below is a look at what Claire looks like in throwback form:

For those of us who remember playing the original Resident Evil 2 back when we still had things like hopes, dreams and good Simpsons episodes, they're a fun treat. It's a shame Mr X can't get his own '90s look, however. Imagine seeing this guy pop up in the shiny corridors of the Remake's RPD building:

If you're after more Capcom-based costume nostalgia, Fraser covered this Dino Crisis mod (opens in new tab) yesterday. 

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