Release dates for Inferno and EVE Online's other major updates in 2012

EVE inferno

This afternoon at Fanfest's hugely anticipated EVE Online keynote, Senior Producer Jon Lander revealed their plan to update EVE Online throughout 2012, complete with release dates for each element.

The plans include the usual two expansions, along with a few new additions to their annual update plans.

This schedule doesn't go into detail about the content in each update. To see a more detailed breakdown of the content CCP has planned for 2012, see our keynote summary . It also doesn't include the myriad of small updates CCP makes to the game non-stop.

April 24: One month from now, CCP will release a major update that's meant to be a pre-cursor to the Inferno expansion. It won't just be fluff either: Lander promised that it will have "real meaningful content" to prepare players for the expansion.

April: A big player gathering will be held in the UK.

May 1: Players in the UK will be able to pay in pounds, at £9.99/month. That's about 11 Euros, compared to the only price available to them currently of of 15 Euros.

May 22: The next major expansion, Inferno will be released.

June 30, July 7: Qualifiers for the 10th Alliance PvP Tournament

July 14, July: 21: Finals for the 10th Alliance PvP Tournament

August: 1.5, the major patch between expansions will be released

September: Point patch release

November: The next expansion after Inferno will be released. There are no details or even a code name for this expansion yet.


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