Here's when Redfall launches around the world

Redfall key art
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Arkane's new co-op vampire slayer Redfall is hitting the streets this week on Monday, May 1 or Tuesday May 2 depending on your timezone. In other words, the game unlocks simultaneously around the world. We've broken down the exact launch times on the night of May 1 down below.

Preloading for Redfall has already started on Steam and Xbox. Redfall is also available on Xbox Game Pass. 

Redfall unlock times 

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Redfall's global launch time is at 5pm PDT, May 1. Here's what that equates to in other timezones: 

  • 5pm PDT, May 1 (Los Angeles)
  • 8pm EDT, May 1 (New York)
  • 1 am BST, May 2 (London)
  • 2 am CEST, May 2 (Berlin)
  • 10am AEST, May 2 (Sydney)

There is also a Redfall launch celebration livestream which will premiere on Bethesda's Twitch channel at 3:30 pm PDT, an hour and a half before the game's global launch time.

Leading up to Redfall's launch, we've also seen the Redfall system requirements, which call for 100GB of storage space. The bummer for Xbox players will be the 30 fps limit at launch while they wait for the 60 fps "performance mode" coming later.

As for what else to expect, we weren't thrilled by our first 90 minute Redfall preview, in which Robin Valentine says "after an hour and a half with its vampire enemies, not once did it get my blood pumping."  

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