PUBG's Savage map rolls out Squads, beta key signups reopened

Savage proves that solo PUBG plays best on a small map, so says Evan, Chris and Jody. But how will teams fare in an arena one-quarter the size of what we're used to? The battle royale 'em up's latest update rolls out Squads alongside a host of feedback-driven nips and tucks to its newest, smaller battleground. 

One PUBG feature I've never really bothered with is its red zones. Both Erangel and Miramar are so big that, even when forced to cut through the random explosion-inducing spots, I've always outlived their short bursts. Following feedback, red zone frequency on Savage has been reduced, so reads this Steam Community update, but here's Chris on their effectiveness within a smaller playing area:  

This is the first time I feel like red zones are a real factor. I wound up in them a lot, had to change my position several times because of them. In fact, with red zones and airdrops happening on the smaller map, I found myself a little annoyed at the constant noise when I was trying to listen for cars and footsteps. Savage feels very loud.

Other tweaks levied by the latest Savage update include increased item and weapon spawn rates within residential buildings and small cabins—designed to improve looting on the outskirts of the map. Moreover, the first blue zone circle now appears at the beginning of the match, "so players can plan their strategy before parachuting", while the first shortening phase kicks in sooner than before.  

On the vehicles front, vans now spawn less often whereas two-wheeled motorcycles spawn more frequently. Motorbikes with sidecars have been removed entirely. 

Signups for the Codename: Savage Closed Experimental Server have been reopened, too. Head in this direction for your chance to claim a key.