PUBG's new 50-player deathmatch mode sets small squads loose in Miramar

Three weeks ago, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds dropped its first deathmatch-driven Event Mode. Named 'War', the limited-time venture was set in random corners of Erangel, within 15-minute bouts that hosted up to 30 players split into ten-person squads. Upon death, players respawned in a plane overhead—with the first team to reach 200 points declared winners. 

Now, Desert Knights brings 50-player deathmatches to Miramar. 

Set to kick off from 7pm PST today/tomorrow at 3am BST, PUBG's latest Event Mode pits ten five-person teams against one another. As before, matches last 15 minutes, safe zones are small and are fixed for the duration of the game, and kills and knock downs generate points for your team. 

A kill, for example, nets you +3 points, while a knock gets you +1. Deaths and knocks inflicted on your own team set you back -5 points. Again, the first team to 200 points/the team with the most points after time's up wins. 

Unlike its forerunner, Desert Knights kits players out with top-tier equipment from the off—which is otherwise exclusive to care packages. Loadouts might include an AWM, M24, Mk14, M249, Groza, or AUG; while all combatants receive a level three vest, a level three helmet and two grenades. The weather setting here is locked at sunset, which should make for some atmospheric showdowns in the sand. 

Desert Knights is playable in first and third-person view across North America, Europe, Asia, Southeast Asia, Oceania, and South America. Korean and Japanese servers, on the other hand, are limited to third-person perspective.

PUBG's Desert Knights limited-time Event Mode runs today through May 6 at 7pm PST/May 7 at 3am BST. More information can be found this way