PC Gamer UK November issue: Pillars of Eternity


Over 70,000 people pledged over $4 million to bring Pillars of Eternity into existence, and we think that's a fact worth celebrating. So stand tall and proud, armoured fantasy man, for your triumphant cover pose represents the confident return of the old-school RPG. No, no, don't worry. There is definitely not a dragon sneaking up behind you.

Andy was given exclusive insight into the Obsidian RPG, and you can find his report inside the November issue of PC Gamer UK. We did more, too; seeking out Hello Games' Sean Murray for a chat about the magic number that powers No Man's Sky. After that, we moved mountains to bring you an exclusive look at Far Cry 4's powerful level editor.

That's not all. This issue you can get a free Steam key for Space Hack, and an exclusive New Players Pack for The Secret World. The issue, which is in shops now, can be ordered through My Favourite Magazines. Digitally, you'll find it on the App Store, Google Play, and Zinio, and you can subscribe to get issues delivered directly to your door. Read on for a look at the subs cover, and a round-up of the features to be found in issue 271.


This month we...

  • Get exclusive insight into Pillars of Eternity
  • Create a combat ready map in Far Cry 4
  • See the number that powers No Man's Sky
  • Spend a month with the Oculus DK2
  • Run down the top 25 adventure games
  • Take a look at Shadow Realms, Hearts of Iron 4, Dying Light, Mortal Kombat X, Metal Gear Solid V, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Lords of the Fallen, World of Warships, Fortnite and Dead Island 2
  • Review The Sims 4, Lichdom: Battlemage, Dead Rising 3, Cloud Chamber, Shadowgate, Chess 2: The Sequel, The Walking Dead Season 2, Hatoful Boyfriend, Mega Coin Squad, Five Nights at Freddy's and Curse of Naaxxramas
  • Alpha review Invisible, Inc and Galactic Civilizations III
  • Return to DayZ for a survival Update
  • Reinstall Silver to see if the shine's worn off

...And more. See you next month!

Phil Savage

Phil has been writing for PC Gamer for nearly a decade, starting out as a freelance writer covering everything from free games to MMOs. He eventually joined full-time as a news writer, before moving to the magazine to review immersive sims, RPGs and Hitman games. Now he leads PC Gamer's UK team, but still sometimes finds the time to write about his ongoing obsessions with Destiny 2, GTA Online and Apex Legends. When he's not levelling up battle passes, he's checking out the latest tactics game or dipping back into Guild Wars 2. He's largely responsible for the whole Tub Geralt thing, but still isn't sorry.