Paralives looks to be every frustrated Sims player's dream

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Paralives has been on our radar (opens in new tab) for a while now: It's an indie game that hopes to rival the juggernaut that is The Sims. Wholesome Direct (opens in new tab) gave us a decent glimpse of what's to expect when the game finally releases, and it certainly looks like it could be the answer to every frustrated Simmer's prayers.

The trailer was pretty short, but straight away shows how much freedom and customisation Paralives plans to offer. Walls can be pulled to be as short or long as you need, and can even be rounded for a smooth circular look. Considering The Sims only lets you make walls in (slightly frustrating) one-tile increments, the architectural possibilities are already stacking up.

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Things like windows and tables can also be pulled and pinched within an inch of their life, giving you more flexibility if you really like a particular piece of decor, but find it's just a little too large or small for the space you're building. The trailer also slyly shows off some cool sofa snapping (something which The Sims has only just added), along with different swatches for furniture and what looks to be the option to make your own colour palettes.

Building in The Sims isn't a total chore, but it definitely has its unique quirks that can take some getting used to. Paralives' building and decorating look a lot more streamlined than I was expecting, especially regarding walls and platforms. The game seems to be coming along rather nicely, and one that I'm excited to dive into when it releases. Whether it can truly match or even outdo The Sims on the whole is to be determined, but it at least looks like it's taking a big swing.

There's still no release date for Paralives yet, but there's tons of stuff going on over on developer Alex Massé's Patreon.  (opens in new tab)

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