Official Xbox Magazine: Crackdown 2 review

Our sister mag, OXM , has got an exclusive review of Crackdown 2 inbound. Crackdown 2 is coming out on the 9th of July- that's Friday – but OXM will be out the day before with the five-page world exclusive. That's a full 24 hours to scurry off to the newsagent's, weigh up the review and decide whether or not you want to buy it. In addition, they've sexed the issue up a bit – not only will it make the orb noise from Crackdown via a special sound chip, but they've scattered a bunch of orbs around the mag itself. The good bit: if you find them all, you've got a chance to win a special Crackdown 2 themed Xbox 360 – that's a helluva way to hold a monitor up, right?