Notch adding epic DRAGONS to Minecraft

Minecraft DRAGON thumbnail

UPDATE: Notch has just linked his followers to more Dragon pics. I've embedded them below for your convenience.

Now we're talking. An hour ago , Notch tweeted that he was developing epicness in Minecraft. The tweet got his followers pretty damn excited, so they pestered the Minecraft creator for more info. Notch, lovely as he is, obliged.

Minecraft is getting dragons! As the Minecraft creator mentions, they're far from finished, but that flying beast is definitely dragon-shaped . We'll update with more snaps as soon as possible.

What would you like to see added to Minecraft next? I propose a prehistoric zone. A place where dinosaurs can wander around freely without threat of extinction. Or a casino zone where I can gamble with blocks until the early hours.

EDIT: Tom just pointed out this dino-themed mod for Minecraft. Yeah - like that, only done by Notch.