Next-Gen PC games you can stream to your TV in stunning 4K HDR

The divide between your living room and your PC gaming space is a lot smaller now, thanks to NVIDIA GameStream technology you can take advantage of using your SHIELD TV and a qualifying GTX GPU. Gather your hardware, sign up for a free GeForce Experience account, and suddenly you can cast games from your computer to the enormous television and comfy furniture in your living room, the perfect environment for relaxed gaming sessions or competitions with visiting buddies.

With a SHIELD TV, you no longer have to choose between performance and comfort either. Enjoy a gaming experience in your living room, but with high-end performance made possible by a GeForce GTX GPU. And if your gaming rig is equipped with a GTX 10 series GPU such as the GTX 1080 you can cast select PC games to your 4K TV in breathtakingly gorgeous 4K High-Dynamic Range (HDR). Not sure what to play first? Here are five dazzling 4K HDR games to consider, with more on the way.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

The latest thrilling installment in the Mass Effect saga takes you far beyond the Milky Way, to a place where you are the invading alien force. As the leader of a squad of explorers, you seek to establish a New Home. But your arrival isn't entirely welcome, and you can look forward to waging war against a variety of fearsome creatures in destructible environments, as well as using all-new weapons and abilities that enable the most engrossing combat the franchise has yet seen. Mass Effect: Andromeda boasts strikingly detailed sci-fi visuals and extraterrestrial worlds that are truly enhanced in 4K HDR. 

Resident Evil 7

Powered by the powerful RE Engine, Resident Evil 7 introduces players to a fresh nightmare that serves as a new beginning for the venerated survival-horror franchise. A wicked plot is unfolding in the deep south, and you'll have to get to the heart of it if you're to stand a chance of rekindling a relationship with an old flame. As you butt heads with an array of monstrosities, as your psychological safety nets fail you one after another, you may start to wonder who or what you can trust in this terrifying world where predictability is a myth. The game’s bloodcurdling action and suspense is only heightened when experienced on a 4K HDR TV. 


When Epic Games announced it was working on a MOBA of its own, people knew to expect something special, and Paragon delivers in a big way. The game's collection of powerful cards puts you in control and allows you to turn the tide of battle in a split-second. Keep in mind, though, that it's all too easy to find yourself on the losing end of such an arrangement. Only constant vigilance and a strategic mind will allow your forces to ultimately win the day... and then do it again in the "just one more match" that inevitably follows.

Shadow Warrior 2

In Shadow Warrior 2, your name is Lo Wang, and people usually explain what you do with the "corporate shogun" label. That doesn't sound nearly as exciting as the reality, though, which involves the devastating combination of guns, blades, magic and wits you wield against any who dare cross your path. As demonic hordes threaten to overwhelm the world, you set out across procedurally-generated wastelands to right the world's wrongs either alone or with as many as three other friends. Gather the gear that will hopefully ensure your survival when finally you go up against the greatest evil of all.


In Obduction, the spiritual successor to the enormously influential adventure game Myst, players are casts as a character who’s never heard of a place called Hunrath. But now, they know it as the alien world that surrounds them, after the inexplicable appearance of a strange artifact that dragged them across the universe. If they’re ever to return home, they must get to the bottom of the mystery that courses through this bizarre landscape. Obduction’s mysterious settings and foreboding atmosphere leave a lasting impression and make for a visual experience that’s really brought to life in 4K HDR.

There are hundreds of other quality titles you can cast to your TV in stunning 4K thanks to the NVIDIA SHIELD TV. Learn more about that here

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