Enjoy Superior Comfort with the new ThunderX3 CORE premium ergonomic gaming chair

The Thunder X3 premium gaming chair.
(Image credit: ThunderX3)

In our new work-from-home age, gaming, leisure, and business are more intertwined than ever: so you need a chair that can handle it all. The new premium CORE range of ergonomic chairs from ThunderX3 is designed to do just that, and marks the next step for comfort and flexibility, thanks to their unique features.

Most people now recognise that the traditional 'bucket' chair design comes with its own long-term tradeoffs. All of these are addressed in the CORE range. These chairs look great whilst combining proprietary lumbar support with premium office chair ergonomics and a huge feature set.

This is a major departure from what we've come to think of as gaming chairs, and expect the wider market to follow in the wake of the ThunderX3 range. The first generation of CORE chairs are built with the SYNC6 multi-functional mechanism that allows for 6-way adjustability, more familiar from premium office chairs, and the CORE.RDY lumbar tech ensures they self-adjust to your posture for the most ergonomic sitting experience on the market.

The CORE.RDY lumbar tech is what's missing from many existing gaming chairs. Here it's built-in and activates as you micro-adjust your sitting position (something everyone does), automatically adapting to your posture,. There's no one 'right way' to sit in it. In addition, the forward seat tilt will keep your legs below the hips, a healthy posture that improves circulation.

With the SYNC6 multi-functional mechanism, you can enjoy a synchronous and forward tilt, with seat adjustable front and back, a 2-in-1 neck and side support headrest, and a 3-in-1 multipurpose footrest. Whether you're relaxing in front of Netflix or want to be up close to the gaming action, this chair can be quickly adjusted to provide the perfect support.

With six levels of fine-tuned comfort, this chair has you covered from any position for gaming, work, and more. Made from top-of-the-line premium grade materials, including a sturdy nylon frame and steel base, the ThunderX3 CORE range offers durability and quality you can rely on, and at an affordable price. You can follow the ThunderX3 range on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.