Naraka: Bladepoint combines sword-swinging combat with a wild traversal system

Naraka Bladepoint
Viper Ning, a blind blademaster, prepares to ambush an enemy swordsman on a nearby rooftop. (Image credit: 24 Entertainment)

No matter what kind of gamer you are, we all dream about being that master fighter who can scale walls, clash swords, and look like a champ doing it all. That’s why Naraka: Bladepoint looks like the battle royale game that will finally shake things up, mixing the best of melee and ranged combat, larger-than-life characters inspired by Eastern culture, and a world full of ways to get the drop on your opponents.

If a battle royale inspired by fighting games and martial arts cinema sounds like something you’d love, you can try it out for yourself during the beta, which starts on June 16 and runs through June 22 PDT. You can sign up for the beta on the Naraka: Bladepoint Steam page.

Coming to us from 24 Entertainment and published by NetEase Montreal, Naraka: Bladepoint thrusts players into battle with “Unchained Multiplayer Combat.” Not only are there four different melee weapons to duel with, like the greatsword, longsword, katana, or spear, you’ll also rely on your grappling hook to ascend to the top of towers, and maybe even latch onto opponents to get up in their face. Prefer to hang back and pick at foes? Seven ranged weapons are available, letting you pelt enemies by bow, cannon, flame, and more.

 Clash against steel, or escape to fight another day 

The free movement system turns Naraka’s battlefields into incredibly vertical and versatile playgrounds for stealth, sneak attacks, and the kinds of high-flying wuxia sword strikes that you’d see in Jet Li’s Hero or even Thunderbolt Fantasy. Imagine wall-running across a derelict pirate ship, climbing up the side much like Link in Breath of the Wild, and then you hang vertically onto the rigging ropes like the playground monkey bars and traverse to the other side. Finally, using your reserve of grappling hook shots, you scale an ancient temple, scope out several enemies, and latch onto them for a devastating flurry of blows.

A character from Naraka: Bladepoint readies their bow, one of seven different kinds of ranged weapons.

(Image credit: 24 Entertainment)

Expansive character creator lets you make your own legend 

And even though Naraka: Bladepoint features unique heroes to duel with, players can still develop their own fighting style using “Souljade” collectibles found around the map. The character creation engine has allowed players to make wildly unique warriors that blend different styles, physiques, and clothing. In addition to new creations, some players have even recreated characters from different franchises, like Spongebob’s “handsome Squidward,” Jedi master Yoda, or DC hero Starfire. Whether it’s a crimson-skinned devil with a fancy undercut or a green-skinned ogre warrior, there’s something for everyone it seems. Check out the Naraka Twitter page for daily updates and fan art.

It’s not just skin deep, though. Naraka: Bladepoint’s talents system makes your fighting style your own, letting players alter their skill effects between matches. In a match, you can combine regular attacks with counters, use four different types of melee weapons which each have their own combos, and even powerful ultimates, like the ability to turn into a multi-armed giant god. This makes fights rely more on individual style and skill rather than dumb luck. If an enemy starts swinging at you, a careful blend of counter-attacks or focus attacks can quickly put them on their back, letting you deal the killing blow. If you’re not quite ready for a fight, you can retreat to safety using your grappling hook. Best of all, even being outmatched by an opponent isn’t game over, since players can run in ghost form back to a respawn point and return with some basic gear to keep the fight going.

A Naraka: Bladepoint character uses their skill set to transform into a hulking demon.

(Image credit: 24 Entertainment)

Don’t wait for defeat: Pre-order Naraka: Bladepoint now 

Players who also pre-order Naraka: Bladepoint will get their hands on some bonus goodies. Pre-ordering just the standard edition of Naraka gets you a new character to fight as and a new outfit for the drunken warrior Tarka Ji. Pre-ordering the deluxe edition gets you all that plus a new spear skin and 10 free Tidal Crates that contain even more loot. Finally, pre-ordering the ultimate edition gets you everything previously listed plus a new outfit for the eagle-loving assassin Matari, a new grappling hook accessory, and the digital artbook and soundtrack.

NetEase Montreal is a newly established studio in Quebec, Canada; comprised of industry heavyweights who have worked on huge titles at top studios all around the world. They have been a huge support during Naraka: Bladepoint’s development, helping the game reach a worldwide audience for its global launch this summer. They will be the publisher of Naraka for its global launch.

With the collaboration of NetEase Montreal, 24 Entertainment aims to serve and support Naraka players across the globe.

So sharpen your blades, join the Naraka: Bladepoint Discord community, subscribe on YouTube for new trailers and gameplay, and check out the Naraka Facebook page for more.