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Mythology-spanning RPG Mythic Heroes is coming to phones soon

mythic heroes
(Image credit: IGG)

IGG is one of the biggest names in the battlefield of mobile MMOs, having delivered some of the most memorable games in the genre including Lords Mobile and Time Princess. Now the developer is marching into new territory: a collection of incredible worlds inspired by the mythologies of Greece, Japan, Egypt, and other great cultures. You traverse these as a powerful summoner, capable of calling upon heroes like Hercules, Anubis, Joan of Arc and other legendary figures to aid you on your adventures.

That’s what awaits you in Mythic Heroes. Unlike the kingdom conquest style of IGG’s other games, this is focused more on adventure and exploration, as you throw your heroes into 5-vs-5 battles against the creatures of a given world. You can kick back and treat it like an idle game with the ‘auto-battle’ function, or you can get your hands dirty and manually play out the melees yourself.

Central to your adventures is hero development, which is presented through hand-drawn portraits showing their skills and abilities. Don’t be fooled by the ‘mobile game’ moniker - there’s a huge amount of depth here, and even the highest-level enemies can be defeated with the right strategy. 

A particularly nice touch are the stories that come with each hero, which helps get you invested in their journey. Delve deep enough into the lore, and you’ll see how all these mythologies - which take you from the gates of Heaven to the depths of Atlantis and beyond - connect with each other.

mythic heroes

(Image credit: IGG)

You’ll be taking these heroes through nine ancient mythical worlds, and on launch will even get to delve extra-deep into Ancient Greece. Here you’ll get to go beyond the surface and explore the depths of Hades’ Underworld - an instanced dungeon with nine beautiful backdrops spanning from the pits of Tartarus to the River Styx.

Mythic Heroes is a campaign-focused game, but it wouldn’t be an IGG game if it didn’t let you test your tactical mettle against players from all over the world in PvP arena combat. Yes, once you’ve assembled your mythical avengers, you can line them up against other players’ teams to settle who truly is the most legendary. Online leaderboards will be there to consecrate your PvP achievements.

To keep you tapping, there will be Daily Challenges to complete, as well as the Pantheon, an instance where you pick your profession - be it a Romantic Poet or Cunning Liar - and take on the Pantheon’s formidable guards. Pass these trials, and you’ll be rewarded with bonuses and blessings vital to your later adventures.

Mythic Heroes is now available in over 80 countries worldwide, with more regions coming soon. If you’re not in one of those lucky regions, you can still nab yourself some valuable loot by pre-registering now.

mythic heroes

(Image credit: IGG)

To hit the ground running like Hermes dashing down Olympus, you can use the following codes to get a head start:

  • MH8888 to get 20 Summons
  • MH7777 to get 3000 Diamonds

Mythic Heroes marches onto the Play Store and Apple Store soon. So go out there, assemble your team with mythology’s greatest heroes, outwit your opponents with clever thinking and forge your own mythical story!