How to complete the Mistress of the Iron Wood quest in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

bring the roots AC Valhalla Mistress of the Iron Wood
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Having trouble completing the Mistress of the Iron Wood quest in AC Valhalla? Once you've completed the story arc in AC Valhalla Asgard and returned to the 'real' world, Valka will ask you to fetch more herbs for another potion so you can continue your otherworldly journey and travel to Jotunheim.

The herbs are relatively easy to find, though you'll have to journey to Essexe and locate them inside a cave there. Jotunheim itself has a suggested power level of 190, but assuming you had no problem collecting the herbs, you shouldn't have a problem with the power level here. So, read on to discover where to bring the roots in AC Valhalla, and complete the quest.

AC Valhalla Mistress of the Iron Wood: Where to bring the roots to Angrboda

Once you've fetched the herbs and used the potion that Valka brews, you'll be transported to Jotunheim. The first quest you receive is Mistress of the Iron Wood and first of all, you'll need to locate Angrboda. The quest marker on the map helps you find the area, but once you get there, you may have problems finding her house. 

Eivor does comment on the magic in the area as you get closer, a clue that all isn't as it seems. If you have a good look around the area with the quest marker, you'll notice a paved area with a circle of stones. You're in the right place.

The trick is to locate the two deer skulls attached to wooden posts nearby then look between them, towards the stone circle. The house will be revealed in the tree ahead.

How to locate the waterfall  

Once you've entered the house and spoken to Angrboda, she will send you to collect some roots for her. Head to the quest marker to be again confronted by, well, not what you're looking for. This time, head south from the circular stone area and climb up the stone steps there. 

If you climb to the top near the two lit braziers and turn around, you'll notice the area below is now full of water. You'll also see two deer skulls on the stone pillars to either side of the steps.

You can dive off the rock here straight into the waterfall that appears. Once at the bottom. Climb out and start exploring the cave, using your Odin's Sight to locate the roots you're after.

Return to Angrboda at her house and hand over the roots you've collected to complete the Mistress of the Iron Wood quest.

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