Mighty No. 9 appears on Kickstarter, gets funded, reaches first stretch goal

Calm down, guys! Mega Man designer Keiji Inafune only pushed out the Kickstarter for Mega Man Mighty No. 9 this last weekend, and already the project has raised over $1.25 million, smashing the $900,000 target. To play catch up: Mega Man Mighty No. 9 is a 2D side-scrolling action platformer featuring a little robot guy whose body can reconfigure to take on new skills and abilities, and who must destroy other, evil boss robots.

At $1.2 million, the first of many stretch goals has already been hit, guaranteeing an additional two stages to the six originally planned. The next goal, at 1.35 million, will secure Mac and Linux support on top of the currently announced Windows version.

With 28 days left , this one looks set to take in a significant amount of money. Backers will have a while to wait before delivery of the game, though: Mega Man Mighty No. 9 is scheduled for release in Spring 2015.

Phil Savage

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