Middle-earth: Shadow of War visits Minas Ithil in latest in-game footage

After revealing Middle-earth: Shadow of War in late February, Monolith Productions' Michael de Plater later explained that the Mordor sequel will "massively" increase the scale of the original game. The latest snippet of footage to come from the open world action role-player visits the fortified Gondorian city of Minas Ithil, that's under siege from the Dark Lords and their underlings. 

As presented by the folks at IGN, the following in-game footage shows the player kicking things off at an orc encampment, gleaning intel by stealth attacking enemies, and creeping their way around the city's high walls. This urban playground makes a nice change from Mordor's backdrops and allows for a more varied approach to combat. It does however inevitably wind up in backs to the wall sword fighting. 

Have a look, see:

The new and improved Nemesis system gets teased up there too, as does attacks atop Siege Beasts, should you prefer this method of conflict against slower-paced stealth or frantic hands-on melee. Perhaps the biggest change to the latter tact this time round is allies—in the above footage protagonist Talion is flanked by the Gondorian army. 

Middle-earth Shadow of War is due August 22 in the States and August 25 in Europe. Wes' recent conversation with Monolith is worth reading until then.