Meet the newest Warframe: a ghastly space captain that reaps souls

Warframe's next big update is launching today, but Digital Extremes has given us an exclusive sneak peak of its latest warframe: A cyberwraith equivalent of Davy Jones that harvests mortal souls so it can turn into a nightmarish demon. His name is Sevagoth and he's also the main character in the new Call of the Tempestarii quest.

You can get a full overview of Sevagoth in the video above. And despite being the 46th warframe added to the game, Sevagoth still feels incredibly unique. That's mostly because of his fourth ability, which transforms him into an entirely separate monster with all new abilities called an Exalted Shadow. It's like having two warframes for the price of one—especially because the Exalted Shadow can be modded separately from Sevagoth.

If you want to learn more, you can read our full interview with live ops and community director Rebecca Ford here. In it, we discuss Sevagoth, the Call of the Tempestarii update and its new quest, and everything else happening in Warframe currently.

Sevagoth and Call of the Tempestarii will release later today.

Steven Messner

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