Meet Madmonq, the food supplement designed to keep you at the top of your game

Champion supplement
(Image credit: Madmonq)

Forget the pro gamers for whom performance gains are literally a job—we’ve all obsessed over wireless mouse lag or refresh rate and how it relates to our K:D. Get sufficiently into a competitive game, and inevitably all roads lead to analysing every single aspect of your existence in the search for greater efficiencies and more Plays of the Game. We’ve looked nearly everywhere. 

And then a performance enhancing food supplement turns up and makes us rethink our entire existence on this planet. Madmonq isn’t one of those vaguely frightening energy drink concoctions, but rather a blend of natural ingredients that its creators say boosts your alertness, hand-eye coordination and more. 

Reassuringly, it’s stuff you’ve heard of: caffeine. Zinc. Vitamins B6 and B12. Ginseng, specifically the Siberian variety. These are a few of the ingredients in Madmonq’s original, sugar-free formula and they’re all naturally occurring, well-known and researched ingredients. Nobody should care so much about making Master Guardian I rank that they’re prepared to tank their health by consuming dodgy supps, after all. 

The 16 natural ingredients in Madmonq are designed to give you a wide range of gaming-specific benefits: boosts to reaction time and stress control. Crash-free energy supplies and stamina recovery improvement. Increased drive, error reduction and boosts to memory, brain and eye function. That’s a lot. Reassuringly, it’s not formulated with bulking agents either - just a touch of xylitol for taste. 

The most eye-catching ingredient in Madmonq’s new formula is Brainberry—which sounds like something from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided but is in fact Madmonq’s name for aronia extract. A natural antioxidant, it’s also linked to a possible performance increase between the brain, eyes and hands. 

Madmonq’s been taking this formula to streamers and pro gamers to let them experience the supplements’ benefits for themselves, including Forsen, Agraelus, Locklear, Kameto and Jbzz.

Since this is a new frontier for gaming, the more testimonials we see the better—it’s one thing to read an ingredients list, and quite another to hear about how it changed an expert player’s experience with their chosen game. 

It makes a whole lot of sense to consider our physical health and nutrition when we think about gaming performance. If we’re prepared to buy a new monitor for a fractional refresh rate increase and use browser-based aim trainers in our downtime, or turn to coaches to talk us through techniques and strategies on Zoom calls, just as athletes focus on technique training and tuition, it makes sense to borrow one of the other most crucial elements from elite sports performance and pay attention to how we’re fuelling our body. 

Healthy nutrition goes way beyond taking one single supplement, however amazing its formulation might be. But if you’re committed to improving and taking your health seriously, Madmonq’s offering makes a lot of sense. 

And the company already seems to be all over this 360-degree approach to meeting your gaming goals. In addition to the gaming performance-focused Madmonq supplement, its Champion supplement is more focused on overall health—everything from bone and joint health to immunity and looking good. Again, the formulation’s comprised of natural and well-researched ingredients, but we simply haven’t seen these ingredients brought together into a supplement for an aspiring pro gamer’s needs like this before. 

Discover more about all Madmonq’s products on their homepage, including a subscription delivery model for its supplements which can be cancelled anytime, activates a 10% discount, and comes with free unique loot.