Mecha action game Daemon X Machina deploys on PC, and the port is great

(Image credit: Marvelous Inc)

If you like mecha, consider going to fight giant renegade AI war machines and giant robots as an augmented posthuman after an apocalyptic event in just-released Daemon X Machina. Developed by Marvelous Inc and published by XSEED Games, Daemon X Machina was released on February 13th. It’s an action game with highly customizable giant Arsenal mechs and giant mech pilots, known as Outers, which both have superhuman powers. The story seems somewhat barebones, but the action combat looks quite good—and it’s polling at an “Overwhelmingly Positive” on Steam. Some even compare it favorably to mech-fan ur-games Armored Core. 

Daemon X Machina released last year on Nintendo Switch and by all accounts ran... fine. The PC port is apparently a truly class act with lots of users reporting superb performance on all fronts. There’s 4k support, the controls rebind just fine, and frame rate options go all the way up to 200. (Which is a bit of a ‘these go to 11’ situation but okay.) The base graphics aren’t mindblowing, but they are nicely stylized. 

You can find Daemon X Machina at a 10% launch discount of $54 on Steam, though only until February 20th.  

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