Mass Effect 3 demo plans coming "in a few months"

Mass Effect 3

Bioware executive producer Casey Hudson has raised the possibility of a Mass Effect 3 demo over the weekend with a tweet picked up by CVG , which told fans to "Stay tuned for news on demo plans in a few months." Sure, it's an announcement announcing an announcement, but it's nice to know Bioware are considering a demo for Mass Effect 3.

Hopefullly, if it arrives it'll look something like the Mass Effect 2 trial, which offered a sizeable 90 minute chunk of the game. The sticky problem with a Mass Effect demo is that it can't deliver new players a universe tailored by your actions, or a Shepard with the history that you've created for her/him. Perhaps Bioware will sidestep this by offering a trial for the rumoured Mass Effect 3 multiplayer mode. There's no demo just yet, but you can ingest more Mass Effect 3 goodness in our E3 Mass Effect 3 hands on and the Mass Effect 3 E3 footage.

Tom Senior

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